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Jemima Wins Silver

Silver! Silver! Silver! Jemima Montag has walked the race of her life and won a silver medal in the 20Km race walk event at the World Championship in Budapest. Jemima’s time of 1:27:16 is a big PB and new Australian record. The result puts Jem in the conversation as Australia’s greatest ever race walker and likely to be the highest ranked Track (Road) & Field athlete in Australia.




There were some very excited Maccabi stalwarts roadside in Budapest (see below photo) who were lucky enough to watch the race with Jemima’s family and partner who all have very strong connections to the Maccabi Athletics Club.

To put Jemima’s time in perspective, she averaged 4 minutes 21 seconds per kilometre which is equal to a 92 minute half marathon, a more than respectable running time, let alone walking! It was a perfectly executed tactical race by Jemima and massive reward for the huge amount of effort she has put into preparing for the race.There is a great interview with Jemima post race here;
And a beautiful article reflecting on Jemima’s family history linked here;

We are a very proud Maccabi Athletic Club today – well done Jemima!

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